Scrim Aluminum foil kraft paper thermal insulation

Product parameters

    Temper: Soft
    Use: Insulation Material
    Treatment: Coated, embossed
    Type: Roll
    Alloy: 8011/1100
    Thickness: 60-200micron, 0.1MM
    Place of Origin: Changsha, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: OEM / ODM
    Model Number: Aluminum foil
    Material: Aluminium
    Color: Plain, matt, bright or others
    Coating: Blue epoxy/polyester and different colors(single-side or double-faced)
    Packing: Wooden Cases
    Application: Insulation Material, PUR/PIR/Sandwich panel

Types / Structure:

— PE+scrim+kraft
— Al Foil+kraft+scrim
— Al Foil+PE+scrim
— Al Foil+PE +scrim+PE+Al
— Al Foil+flame retardant adhesive+scrim+flame retardant kraft paper
— Also can be produced with Fire resistant and Perforated

image 9
Main Material Al Foil+kraft+scrim
Aluminum Thickness 7 micron
Silver side Emittance 0.03
Antiglare side Emittance 0.08
Width Up to 2600mm
Length Up to 3000m/roll
Reflectivity of foil surface 95%
Product Thickness 0.145mm
Norm 125g/m²
Water vapor penertration ≤5.75 ng/NS
Bursting strength 156.4N
image 10


1. High twist property.
2. Excellent uniformity of Aluminum coating
3. Environmentally-friendly
4. Heat reflection, anti-radiation, heat insulation,
5. Water proof, heat insulation, moisture barrier, sun-proof,
6. Bright color and not easy to fade
7. Good resistant to acids, alkalis and salts corrision
8. Different colors are workable.
9. Highly glossy, smooth and clear surface, excellent strength food grade, providing protection against moisture, light etc.

image 5


1, Prompt Reply to customers’ inquiry
2, Strict quality control system
3, Good Service & Good reputation in the market.
4, Low MOQ can meet your promotional business very well.
5, Fast Delivery & Cheap Freight Charge from forwarders.
6, OEM & ODM are welcome.

Aluminum Foil with Woven or Fiberglass

Both single-sided and double sided aluminum foil with woven are used as insulation material under roofs, in walls behind cladding or under timber floors for residential and commercial buildings.

Heat-sealing Aluminum Foil Facing

Heat Sealing Foil Scrim Kraft Facing is used for in-line lamination with insulation materials by heating. No extra adhesive is needed. It has good corrosion resistance, high and low resistance.

PET / Aluminum Foil with LDPE Coating

The material provides excellent insulation: reflects up to 97% of radiant energy in addition to resisting other types of heat transfer from conduction,convection,and radiation.The side of PET/Alu forms an effective barrier against moisture,air currents and vapors.It is economical solution in many field.


1.Water, corrosion, light can be prevented effectively.
2.for keeping warm ground, warm wall, moisture-proof floor, etc.
3.Eco-friendly .insulation,.water-proof,oil resistant, etc.
4.For construction,OEM is available.

image 6
image 7

About Starshine Aluminum

The company professional to do water-based paint coated and embossed aluminum foil for Polyurethane insulation panels(sandwich panels).

Changsha Starshine Aluminium Co., Ltd is a leading company engaged in the research, development, production, and sale of aluminum foil and aluminum foil relevant products, located in Changsha City, Hunan province.

The company’s products are exported to U.S., EU, Middle East, America, and more than 60 countries and regions, enjoying a good reputation in the international market with the best service and high-quality products.

The main products: Aluminum foil jumbo roll, Household Aluminium Foil, container aluminum foil, flexible packaging aluminium foil, industrial aluminum foil, heat sealing aluminum foil, pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil, and so on.

image 8

Equipment & technology

We have embossing and coating equipment and an aluminum foil straightener. especially we use water-solvent paint way for foil without pollution

Packaging & Delivery

Package: It can be cut into 50-1000m per roll according to customer requirements, and full wrapped in woven cloth or excess product materials.
* A 20GPcontainer can load about 15-18tons metal roofing insulation
* A 40HC can load about 22 tons metal roofing insulation
Delivery: Storage products are prepaid within 5-7 days and shipped,
Custom products are generally prepaid within 15 days.

image 4
image 3


Shenzhen, China Lead Time: about 7 days for stocks,25 days for OEM


Starshine Aluminum FAQ


Shenzhen, China Lead Time: about 7 days for stocks,25 days for OEM


Starshine Aluminum FAQ


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