New Sole Distributor

Good News:

Changsha Starshine Aluminium foil Co., Ltd signed a new sole distributor in a European country on Sep.6th.

Because we have signed the Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement, we can’t make clear the distributor’s name and their company’s logo and so on.

This is the second country distributor in Changsha Starshine Aluminium Co., Ltd.

image 2

Thanks for everyone’s effort, the distributor team come to our factory 2 times, then our technology team and our sales team go out to their local market,

past 3 months, we signed them finally.

This is a very good new step for our company. We will still insist on our good quality and good service.

image 3

Our main product, Anti-bacterial aluminum foil for PIR PUR HVAC duct

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