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After five years of unremitting efforts, thanks to the support of our customers, Changsha Starshine Aluminium Co. Ltd is constantly expanding our business scope these years.

Today we are stationed in a new factory with new workshops and new equipment.


This machine is only one in the world.


Because our technology is implemented in the design , plan, and manufacturing of the

whole factory equipment, we ordered this machine in the equipment factory, we joined

their design to adjust the data, and we modified it for 4 times, it lasts for 8 months, this new unique equipment is arrived our new workshop finally.

Changsha Starshine Aluminium Co., Ltd has a first-class professional and technical personnel and first-class equipment, unique technology – added – tech products. Our new production line, with a maximum width of 1350mm, so we can do different width, welcome your inquiry.


We don’t take good pictures and don’t have too many beautiful words, but we have our own good new machine, good quality, and good brand.

In order to facilitate our fastest reply quotation, you could send the following elements to our customer service department, this information is for our this new production line only. not for other machines.

Alloy, (8011/1100/others)


Specification (width and thickness)

Coating requirements (single or double coated)

Coating color (blue, silver, matte white,

Embossing requirements (embossed or not embossed)

ID: (152mm or 76mm),

Core material ( aluminum or steel or paper),

Packaging (Wooden Pallet or Wooden Carton).

Through such elements, our customer service department will quote you in a short time.

Our main products for this production line as below:

  • Alloy:8011/1100
  • Temper: H22 
  • Thickness:55-200microns
  • Width:300-1300mm
  • ID:76/152MM      Core:aluminum
  • Coating: Blue epoxy/polyester and different colors(single side or double-faced)
  • Embossed: orange peel embossed and other different patterns embossed
  • Application:
  • Polyurethane &Phenolic Insulation panels for roof and wall
  • PIR Insulation panel
  •   PUR Insulation panel
  • Thermaboard insulation panel
  •  Insulation panel or roof
  •  PUR/PIR Foam Pre-insulated Duct Panel

You can copy these blue words and then change them as your need.

Sincerely invite all customers to come to the factory to negotiate business.

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