Changsha Starshine Aluminum Foil for Composite duct

Composite duct, A fresh and unfamiliar product, but connected to the public space, warm and cold;

Today, advocating energy conservation and emission reduction, she quietly became the new mainstream direction of the industry, providing customers with a more efficient use experience.


 The phenolic composite air duct not only has the high strength of the steel surface material, but also has super heat insulation, and has remarkable characteristics in environmental protection, light-body, fire prevention, and energy saving. Its unique design and excellent heat preservation effect change the customer’s traditional The material knowledge is widely applicable to all indoor and outdoor air conditioning systems and smoke control systems. It has also become the first choice for many high-end commercial centers in the country, with strict public transportation and cleanliness requirements.

The outer layer of phenolic is a high-strength steel surface material, the inner layer is an embossed aluminum foil containing an anti-corrosive antibacterial coating, and the insulating layer is hard phenolic foam.

Characteristics: The biggest difference between the iron phenolic duct and the traditional iron duct is that the “external insulation” is changed into “internal insulation”, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of cold (heat) bridge during the use of the duct.

It is widely used in all indoor and outdoor air conditioning systems.

The polymer air conditioning composite air duct is a multi-generation upgrade product of the traditional air duct. The outer layer is a high-strength embossed color steel plate with antibacterial and anti-corrosion coating, and the middle heat insulation layer is a new high-efficiency polymer foam composite material. The product inherits the thermal insulation of traditional composite ducts and the high-strength advantages of galvanized iron sheets and does not require secondary insulation. It has many excellent properties such as sound absorption and noise reduction, environmental protection, lightweight, fireproof, and energy saving. It is widely used in all buildings. Indoor and outdoor air conditioning systems and smoke control systems are the latest evolution of composite ducts.

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Features: non-fluorinated foam green, environmentally friendly, low-corrosion, weakly acidic materials with a pH between 4 and 6 and resin-interwoven fiber-reinforced core materials. It is not fireproof, it has carbon deposits under the direct action of flame, no dripping, no curl, no melting phenomenon. The surface of the flame forms a graphite foam layer after burning, and the molecular structure inside the protective layer can be over 2H. There is no condensation phenomenon, and the polymer composite material has a good closed-cell structure, low water absorption rate, strong steam penetration resistance, and no condensation when it is kept cold.

Widely used in high-rise and super-tall buildings with load-bearing requirements.

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